Soldner Secret Wars
Render UCS

UCS - Unit Customization System
Söldner allows you to customize your characters. For the first time you can look cool without being limited to ready made full body skins. You can pick your helmet, face, jacket, trousers, boots, add some extras like sunglasses or backpacks and ready is your soldier.

When we designed Söldner we knew we wanted one thing different on our soldier characters: being able to customize beyond "skins". Skins were the first level of modification many games allowed. The disadvantages of the skin system are:

  • Skins can oftentimes only be seen by the client
  • Skins are full body skins, details can't be modified easily
  • Implementation of skin packs can be a pain

We planned our soldiers in a way to divide them into parts, each which can be picked by the player - within a few limits. First you can pick your head, your face. We offer plenty of choices from realistic ones, SWAT, foreign, up to "cool" looking ones.

The "uniform"
Söldner offers the standard US uniform, SWAT, Chinese, a winter selection and many other additional styles. We also added civilian and mechanic clothes and will continue to add a variety of clothing to pick from. Some uniforms let the player pick jacket and trousers, some are "sets" and can only be picked in pairs - like the mechanic overall.

The "boots/gloves"
Some selection of boots and gloves add detail to the look. Winter boots, combat boots and a variety of gloves are currently available. The following areas of the player can be modified: face, helmet, jacket, trousers, boots, gloves and gear. Picking a different piece of clothing in Söldner is as simple as a mouse click.

The "gear"
Now you can pick your helmet, or hat. Also you can add protective gear to your character like kneepads, and other gear like pouches, backpacks and a variety of eye wear.

Soldner 1 Soldner 2 Soldner 3

The camouflage
Now the cool part: you can pick the camouflage your uniform has. Söldner has has more than 80 selectable camouflage settings. From desert, woodland to colorful fun camos is everthing possible. Each player is able to configure his character at the startup of soldner, when you go online you are able to change it, or your commander can pick a camouflage for the complete team including the team’s vehicles.
The picture below shows the same character with two camouflage settings. Changing your settings in Söldner is only a mouse click away.

Soldner 4 Soldner 5 Soldner 6