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Söldner of the month March 2014
2014-04-01 at 1:00 AM

Congratulations to the Söldner of the month March:



With a total score of 80612 points ken111 took the first place in this months ranking.


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Söldner of the month February 2014
2014-03-01 at 10:32 PM

Congratulations to the Söldner of the month February:



With a total score of 77532 points PRIMUS took the first place in this months ranking.


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Söldner of the month January 2014
2014-02-01 at 5:35 PM

Congratulations to the Söldner of the month January:



With a total score of 85245 points (SSC)_Joe took the first place in this months ranking.


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Söldner of the month December 2013
2014-01-01 at 1:00 AM

Congratulations to the Söldner of the month December: (SSC)_Joe


With a total score of 104553 points (SSC)_Joe took the first place in this months ranking.


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Merry Christmas, happy holidays
2013-12-24 at 5:28 PM


Hello Söldners,


In the name of the whole SSW admin team I would like to thank every player for keeping this great old game alive! We wish you a Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays!




Soldner Wiki moved servers
2013-12-15 at 10:40 PM



The Söldner Wiki moved servers today. It will no longer be available at the current domain in the future, the new link is:


You are welcome to contribute!



SSW Version 33960 available
2013-10-24 at 6:42 PM


The new game version 33960 is ready!


Full Installer (needed if you install the game for the first time) (~533MB):


Incremental patch (updates all versions >33900 to the latest version) (~51MB):


Changelog 33950 -> 33960:



  • fixed a rare server crash that could occur when a commander assigned a target that was destroyed at the same time
  • grenades and kits no longer become unusable when their weapon slot is activated while touching an obstacle
  • fixed endlessly looping repair sound when the creation of an ammo pickup with the Engineer toolkit was cancelled
  • fixed a bug that caused no kill message to be shown when a unit was destroyed by a physical impact (meaning not by a weapon)
  • the chat notification for team account requests now shows the requesters score
  • weapons now display the correct amount of the ammo left
  • fixed a bug that caused weapons to play the reload sound once too often
  • fixed a bug that caused the player posture not to be synchronized properly
  • fixed commander freeze bug that could cause the commander to be unable to move after leaving the commander mode
  • it is no longer possible to start team account requests from the pre spawn terminal
  • fixed a bug that could cause the team account request block to be much too high
  • fixed a bug that could cause the players page of the webinterface to be inaccessible


  • fixed a bug that made torpedoes underrun Gyurza-class patrol boats to often
  • torpedo payload's direct damage on hit increased
  • pilots of 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' may now look 90° downwards and use the laser sensors as intended
  • 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' received advanced smoke grenade launching system
  • light helicopter MG reconfigured
  • resupply costs for all canons and automatic weapons on vehicles reconfigured
  • ranges of automatic vehicle weapons further unified
  • the Type 63 tank now has the correct commander target icon
  • armour of all Wiesel 1 & 2 reduced
  • base price of 'M1097 Avenger' reduced
  • Cruise Missile launchers now have a reload time
  • 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' now got tool- instead of medikit refill ability
  • the refill abilities speed was adjusted for 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'Vityaz DT-10P'
  • the base prices of 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'M977 HEMMT' decreased
  • laser sensors reconfigured to match expected behaviours
  • IFVs rebalanced
  • armour and health settings of helicopters and jets redesigned; the more expensive units can now survive a Stinger hit
  • armour of submarines increased to withstand several weapons while dived
  • depth charges shall now be released one by one on Mark V and CB90-H
  • Mark V got accoustic decoys as originaly intended
  • prices and ammo capacity of rocket launchers adjusted
  • armour and base price of 'Fennek JFST' has been increased
  • incorrect weapon distribution on 'Eurofighter' changed, it now has two anti tank missiles instead of additional anti air missiles
  • changed reload sounds for some mounted automatic guns
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche' to 'RAH-66 AT Comanche'
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche Anti-Air' to 'RAH-66 AA Comanche'
  • new weapon-configuration for 'EC665 Tiger': pilot got flares, unguided rockets and laser-missiles; WSO got turret gun, video-guided missiles and laser-marker
  • new weapon-configuration for 'KA-50 Black Shark': flares, heavy heli gun, unguided rockets, IR-guided anti-tank missiles, IR-guided Anti-Air missiles
  • new weapon-configuration for 'A-10C Thunderbolt II': flares, heavy jet gun, IR-guided Anti-Tank missiles, laser-guided 500lb bombs, unguided bombs
  • 'A-10C Thunderbolt II' and 'Su-25KM Scorpion' were reduced in manoeuverability
  • the base price for several aircrafts adjusted, in addition most combat jets became cheaper
  • side armour of the MBT 'Challenger', 'Leopard', 'Abrams' and 'Leclerc' slightly reduced
  • a second laser-marker has been added to the Apache Longbow, giving also the pilot the ability to mark targets
  • changed flight path for infantry rocket launchers
  • unified usage of visors used for launchers based upon the trajectory of the rockets
  • fixed the distances shown in rocket launcher visors or added them if they have not been there yet
  • the Su-32 pilot now has a laser marker
  • increased impact of laser- and ir-guided Anti-Tank missiles of jets
  • jet A-10 no longer has laser-bombs
  • reduced the base price of jets A-10, Rafale, F-22
  • reduced the base price for the Black-Shark
  • some category settings for vehicles fixed
  • the 'EQ2102' truck received a refill medikit ability and a new base price of $500
  • base price for Hind helicopter decreased
  • the boats 'CRRC' and 'RIB' are more stable in the water now
  • driver and passenger animations changed for the following vehicles: Dingo, eagle III, EQ2102, Fennek, Fuchs Tpz
  • base price for weapon HK MP7 increased


  • converted texture for blue smoke grenade to violet
  • adjusted collision boxes so the PCV Jeeps and DPV can no longer drive under high trucks
  • DPV model reworked
  • model of the Apache Longbow got a new cockpit, sensor units and further details were added
  • added new weapon Mac 10


  • Oasis: fixed houses that were not set on the ground properly
  • Zagadochniy Sad: redesigned two CPs
  • Attu Island: fixed hovering houses and flag
  • Atlas: removed helis and jets (VTOLs are still available)


Patch Release v33960: 2013-10-24
2013-10-22 at 9:13 PM

Dear Söldners,

I am happy to announce the release of the next patch v33960 on Thursday of this week. You can find the complete changelog in this thread:


We will release the new client version this Thursday. The dedicated server will be made available one day earlier to give administrators a chance to prepare.

See you in 33960