Soldner Secret Wars
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Commander Modus
Of all the specialty jobs, the commander is the only one you can´t specifically choose to take on. Instead, you must be chosen.
Commanders are elected by a vote of the team, and if you get enough votes, you get the job.

To begin a vote, you have to press F10. This notifies your team members that a vote is in progress. When everyone has voted, or the voting time limit has expired, you will be notified of the results. If you win the vote, you are the commander.

If you are elected, you´ll get access to the commander´s most powerful tool - the PDA.
You can instantly use the PDA, but theres also a commander mode available wich features more useful tools:

The PDA is a powerful and versatile tool that gives you complete visibility of the map, including enemies and enemy vehicles, and allows you to give commands to your teammates. A team with a competent commander has a level of strategic planning going on that a leaderless team just can´t match.
The PDA displays your own positions, and it displays enemy positions. This is a very good way to find troublesome snipers on the map.

Screenshot Commander Mode

Using the the PDA is fairly simple. After activating it you will immediatly go to an overhead map. In the starting magnification of the map each square represents fifty meters of the mission area. You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the area displayed. You can scroll around the map by moving the mouse.

On the right side of the PDA display is a list of you teammates.
Screenshot Playerlist

The display shows lots of information on each player on your team:< /p>

Class Playername          Target Weapon

The class will show what item the player has equipped in the equipment/launcher slot (5), the target icon shows you what type of target the player currently has and the last icon shows what weapon the player has. If the player is in a vehicle the vehicle type will be shown otherwise the type of the players main weapon.

The following icons are used to indicate all those information to you:

Class Target Weapon
Commander (you) None Anti Air vehicle
Soldier (no launcher or kit) Move Anti Ground vehicle
Bomb specialist Attack Wheeled vehicle (armed)
Engineer Fight/Conquer Wheeled vehicle (unarmed)
Launcher (anti tank) Guard/Enter vehicle Tank
Medic     Helicopter (unarmed)
Scuba diver     Helicopter (armed)
Sniper kit equipped     Jet
        Sniper rifle
        Machine gun
        None (no weapon in slot 3)
        Using stinger stand
        Using TOW stand

The commander mode menu:

Issues an order to travel to a location.
Issues an order to fire upon a target.
Issues an order to aid a teammate or to defend a location.
  Role dependent
Issues an order to obey a task assigned by your commander
  Scout needed here
A scout is needed here to recon this part of the map for enemies.
  Sniper needed here
Sniper needed at this position on the map.
  Bomb specialist needed here
A bomb specialist is needed here.
  Scuba diver needed here
A scuba diver is needed here.
  Medic needed here
Medic needed here, one of your teammates is injured.
  Engineer needed here
Engineer needed here, one of the vehicles in your team need a repair or refill.
  Role independent
Issues a warning assigned by your commander.
Be careful your commander is starting an airstrike on this position on the map.
Be careful, enemies in the area.
  C4 warning
Be careful in this area are mines or explosions activated.
Your commander is assigning a waypoint to you.
  Split funds
Splits the teams cash reserves equally among your fellow soldiers.
  Logo and camo
This allows the commander to change both of those settings for his entire team.
Shows the world map with spawnpoints, enemy zones and goals.
Will return you back to the battlefield and you will be no longer commander.
This closes the commander mode PDA and brings you back to the battlefield.

When you are issued an order by your commander, a display appears on your game screen, showing the target and the nature of the task.
Commander target ingame

Of course, with human players, there´s no guarantee they´ll follow orders, but a good teammate knows that working together is best for everyone.

The commander has one other obligation in multiplayer games: approving the use of team funds. When someone tries to buy an expensive item with the team money, you must decide whether or not to allocate the funds to the purchase.

The commander has the most important role on the battlefield, and because of that, it takes a very dedicated player to make a great commander. You need to understand the ins and out of the maps: where the good sniping spots are, the most commonly traveled roads, the quickest routes between checkpoints, and the most vulnerable spots at each outpost. You must be interested in coordinating air and armor attacks, conducting flanks, and making sure your team works in concert and everyone feels they´re being put to good use. Most importantly, though, you must have a desire to play Söldner: Secret Wars in a much more strategic fashion than you may be used to. If you feel up to the job, however, all you need to do is start a vote and see if you fellow players agree.