Soldner Secret Wars
Render ADS Söldner brought the player the most complex destruction system seen in a multiplayer game. What you see is what you can destroy - even online! Although the game is from 2004, still not many games feature destruction to the extend Söldner does.

As real as it gets
You sneaked deep behind enemy lines. Suddenly you become aware of an enemy tank column heading straight for you base. Quickly you're trusty RPG and aim for first Abrams. Ue battleground is now harder to traverse. What are you going to next? Make a unfortunately you miss the tank and hit the ground instead. Though luck for the enemy, What do you do? Make a hasty escape or fire another round and risk being spotted? The choice is yours...

Destruction Before Destruction After

Deploy true to life tactics
Tear down walls or smash complete house in a stunning visual presentation. The possibilities are endless! With the advanced destruction system (ADS) you can deploy an endless combination of true to life tactics. Mow down complete forests in order to smoke the enemy guerrilla/snipers out. Bombard the enemy base to rubble and devastate their morale. Keep em on the run, give them no place to hide and rest. With the Advanced Destruction System the only barrier is your fantasy!

Building Destruction 1 Building Destruction 2 Building Destruction 3
Building Destruction 4 Building Destruction 5

Dynamic World syncronized in multiplayer games
With ADS your destructions will not only appear on your screen. It will also be visible for all the other online gamers. Every other player can recognize immediately when e.g. a new crater arises in the game. This option was unique and still not many games feature destruction today.

There is no safe haven on the battlefield
No other game at the market today offers this kind of freedom and flexibility. You will notice the difference when you're base is under attack from a squadron of A-10- Warthogs. You're heart is pounding and you racing to find some shelter. You decide to go for the HQ and when you are within 10 meters of safety the A-10, in one smooth strafe flattens the entire structure with you're team still in it Thats when you begin to realize the power of the Advanced Destruction System.