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# 1 What type of game is Söldner?

Söldner is a semi realistic Military Tactical Multiplayer Shooter using modern weapons and units.

# 2 Which team is developing Söldner?

Söldner was originally developed by Wings Simulations. Currently a team of the community takes care of the game.

# 3 Is Söldner a simulation?

Söldner uses realistic physics and elements to create a believable environment. Still Söldner is fun and easy to play, not a true simulation.

# 4 What are the specs/requirements ?


Windows XP with 1024MB memory

Intel Pentium IV or AMD - 2.2 GHz or equivalent

GeForce 4 (except MX) or ATI Radeon with 128 MB memory

# 5 Is there a 1st person or 3rd person view/perspective ?

Söldner will offer both views! You can switch anytime between 1st and 3rd person with a single keystroke.

# 6 Are you able to use all the vehicles ?

Yes. All vehicles, helicopters and jets listed in the "vehicles" section will be useable by the player in the game.

# 7 Night Vision and or other visions?

The binoculars have a night vision mode. In addition you can buy nightvision and infrared goggles.

Some of the more sophisticated vehicles also feature a nightvision and/or infrared scope view.

# 8 Is there a mini-map?

Yes, there is a mini-map available varying in size and power depending which unit you control. Soldiers see their team positions in the near vicinity while some vehicles and helicopters have radar to identify enemy vehicles as well.

# 9 What about joystick support for the helicopters/planes ?

Our system is based on direct input of DirectX 8.1 which can be mapped to any device supporting it. So yes, you can remap the keyboard/mouse controls to joysticks.

The game also supports force feedback.

# 10 In what region is Söldner taking place at ?

Söldner plays in the Bering-sea area, which is between Siberia and Alaska.

# 11 What is the size of the generated world map?

6500 x 3500 km (4062 x 2187 miles)

Almost twice the size of europe.

# 12 How do you prevent getting lost in the huge map?

You play a modern game with radar and waypoints, so you always know where the mission area is.

# 13 Which country’s are in the game?

Söldner offers weapons, vehicles and equipment of USA, Russia, Germany, Israel, China, Japan and many more.

# 14 Hit Point based or a realistic damage system?

As of now the vehicles have “Hit Point” based damage system. But this system takes angle of attack into account, so that attacks from rear cause more damage than from the front or side.

# 15 Different stances?

Yes, you can stand, crouch, and lay prone. All these different stances will affect the player’s weapon aim and stamina recovery.

# 16 How/Where do I get my equipment in the game?

You start with basic equipment (knife, pistol) and have to buy other equipment on your base. The money you can spend is from your personal account or team account. If you use the team account the team’s commander must approve the purchase. You earn money by working for the mission goal or fulfilling duties.

# 17 Guns with bipods?

Yes. Some Machine guns have attached bipods. These are not functional however, only cosmetic details.

# 18 Can you swim in water?

Yes, besides swimming you can also dive for a short amount of time (a lot longer if you have the scuba kit equiped).

# 19 Can you jump?

Yes, you can also jump fences, climb over walls and on buildings, you can also do a pretty neat dive roll through windows ;-)

# 20 Is it possible to cook grenades?

Yes, cooking grenades is possible. Just be sure to actually throw the grenade after "cooking" it.

# 21 When Para dropping is there a certain height requirement and a danger to it?

Yes, you need a specific height, otherwise your speed will be too high when hitting the ground and you take damage or die.

# 22 Does the outfit/armor we select affect our damage in game or just for looks?

The outfit doesn’t affect damage, but armor does.

# 23 Do players get Fatigued so we can cut down on run and gun?

You get fatigued by running, which raises your pulse, making it more difficult to aim precisely.

# 24 Are Artillery and or mortars in the game?

There is such weapon system available at the moment. There is however a powerful airstrike that can be called by the commander.

# 25 What are you going to do to help make this a more team oriented game?

The gesture system will help, the commander mode will help, the rest is up to the players.

# 26 Are air-to-air missiles on jets or whatnot be radar guided? Heat guided? Same with Stingers and other SAMs.

We have heat and laser guided missiles. Heat guided react to engine heat, i.e. a vehicle left alone will get cold over time. Laser guided are homing on a laser point aimed by yourself or another player. Of course there are unguided rokets, too. Counter measures include flares.

# 27 Are we (as a server admin) able to change how fast the time goes? E.g. how fast it becomes dark and turns into night again?

Yes, you have the option to advance time after each round of combat, i.e. you could set your server up so that after 12 rounds one full day and night passes.

# 28 Is there just 3rd person for vehicles? Or will we be able to switch between view modes (first and third person) with vehicles?

All vehicles have a 3rd person view, most of the vehicles have an additional scope view.

# 29 Is it be possible to steal enemy vehicles if they are sitting there with nobody in them?

Yes. However there are limits. An abandoned vehicle is locked for several seconds by the user. If he doesn't return the vehicle turns neutral for everyone to use. This enables players to temporarily leave their vehicles without someone stealing it.